On 06/21/12, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion relating to electronic service of court documents, along with an opinion relating to efiling. Both of these opinions will change very significantly how attorneys interact with one another and with the Clerks and Courts – and on a very limited timeline. Electronic service becomes mandatory in civil cases on 09/01/12; electronic filing in civil cases becomes mandatory on 04/01/13; and electronic service and filing become mandatory in criminal cases on 10/01/13.

As noted in our July 2012 newsletter, our office is very involved in these initiatives and wants to work with attorneys and the Courts to make everyone more efficient and ease transitions. In addition to providing you with the above opinions, we provide the following references:

  • The Florida Bar’s educational document relating to electronic service
  • Our office’s Judicial Website, where you can sign up to access your cases and provide your email addresses for our repository
  • A manual to explain how to sign up for the Judicial Website and how to update your profile there to provide email addresses