Clerks in the Sunshine: Clerk Budgets, Audits and Performance Measures

As your Chief Financial Officer for the County, it is important for us to demonstrate our commitment to accountability and transparency. When I ran the first time for office in 2000, I made several campaign promises to you. After taking office, one of my first actions was to record those promises on this website and I asked that you hold me accountable for them. I believe they speak directly to the accountability you should expect in your public officials. I realize that the dollars we spend are your dollars, and we need to be ever diligent to make sure that every dollar we spend is necessary and efficiently used.

I’ve tried to live up to the standards I set for our office. In the eight and a half years since taking office we have significantly increased services we deliver, dealt with a heavier work load both in our courts and accounting offices, and we accomplished this with fewer employees. Today, our staffing level is approximately 20% below FY2000 levels. We’ve done that through process improvements, better use of technology and better trained personnel.

This past Legislative session, Clerks’ budgets across the state were cut on average 18%. Since 90% of our budget is for personnel expenses, this cut has forced us to make more dramatic reductions in personnel than we had planned and we are currently furloughing (reducing the pay) of all personnel. The current financial environment will test and strain our ability to continue to deliver quality and timely services. I can assure you that our personnel are committed to delivering you the highest level of customer service and we are up to the challenge before us.

I am proud of our performance. I am very fortunate to have a great team of employees behind me who make me look good. We believe the more you know about us, the more you appreciate the value you get in our office. We have attached information that will assist you to make an evaluation of our performance. We encourage your review and inspection of our records. Please call if you have any questions or would like additional information.